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How to Withdraw The PF Amount?

Withdrawing your Provident Fund (PF) amount is a significant financial decision, and understanding the process is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Whether you’re changing jobs, facing financial challenges, or nearing retirement, the PF withdrawal process is designed to provide you access to your hard-earned savings. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in withdrawing your PF amount.

Understanding Provident Fund (PF)

What is PF?

The Provident Fund is a savings scheme designed to provide financial security and stability to employees after their retirement. Both employers and employees contribute a portion of the salary to the PF account, creating a corpus that accrues interest over time.

When Can You Withdraw PF Amount?

1. Retirement:

  • Upon reaching the age of 58, you become eligible to withdraw the entire PF amount.

2. Resignation:

  • If you resign from your job and remain unemployed for a continuous period of two months, you can withdraw the PF amount.

3. Unemployment:

  • If you are unemployed for a continuous period of two months due to illness, you can withdraw your PF amount.

4. Change of Job:

  • If you change jobs and are unemployed for a continuous period of two months, you can withdraw the PF amount.

PF Amount Withdrawal Process

Step 1: PF Withdrawal Form

  • Download the Form:
    • Visit the official EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) website and download the PF withdrawal form. The commonly used forms are Form 19 (for final settlement) and Form 10C (for pension withdrawal).
  • Fill Out the Form:
    • Complete the form with accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure that all mandatory fields are filled.

Step 2: Documentation

  • Proof of Identity:
    • Attach a copy of your proof of identity, such as an Aadhar card, passport, or driver’s license.
  • Proof of Address:
    • Attach a copy of your proof of address, such as a utility bill or passport.
  • Canceled Cheque:
    • Attach a canceled cheque to provide details for electronic fund transfer.

Step 3: Employment Details

  • UAN (Universal Account Number):
    • Provide your UAN issued by your employer. This is essential for linking your PF account.
  • Employment Details:
    • Fill in details of your employment, including the name and address of the company and the date of joining and leaving.

Step 4: Employer’s Attestation

  • Attestation:
    • If the period of unemployment is less than two months, the employer needs to attest the form. In cases of longer unemployment, attestation is not required.

Step 5: Submission

  • Online Submission:
    • Some organizations allow online submission of PF withdrawal forms through their respective portals. Check with your employer for this option.
  • Visit EPFO Office:
    • If online submission is not available, visit the nearest EPFO office and submit the filled-out form along with the necessary documents.

Step 6: Tracking the Status

  • EPFO Portal:
    • Track the status of your PF withdrawal application on the official EPFO portal using your UAN and PF account number.
  • SMS Updates:
    • You may receive SMS updates on the progress of your PF withdrawal application. Ensure that your mobile number is linked to your UAN.

Step 7: Fund Transfer

  • Electronic Fund Transfer:
    • Once your application is processed, the PF amount will be transferred electronically to the bank account provided in the form.

Important Considerations

  • Tax Implications:
    • Be aware of the tax implications of PF withdrawal. If the withdrawal is made before completing five years of continuous service, it is subject to tax.
  • Nomination Details:
    • Ensure that nomination details are updated in your PF account for smooth processing.
  • KYC Verification:
    • KYC details, including Aadhar, bank account, and PAN, should be linked with your UAN for verification.
  • Interest Calculation:
    • The interest on the PF amount is calculated up to the date of withdrawal.


Understanding the PF amount withdrawal process is essential to make informed decisions about your financial future. By following these steps and keeping the necessary documents in order, you can navigate the withdrawal process smoothly and access your PF savings when needed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How long does it take for the PF withdrawal process to complete?

    • The processing time varies, but it usually takes around 15-30 days for the PF withdrawal amount to be credited to the bank account.
  • Can I withdraw my PF amount online?

    • Yes, many organizations allow online submission of PF withdrawal forms through their portals. Check with your employer for online submission options.