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National Transport Permit Form

National permit means a permit granted by a competent authority to a goods carriage to operate through-out India / the Territory of or in such contiguous States not being less than four in number including the states in which the permit is issued as may be specified in such permit in accordance with thw choice indicated in the application. National Permit Form http://www.tn.gov.in/sta/form48.pdf

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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is the (usually) compulsory registration of a vehicle with a government authority. Vehicle registration’s purpose is to establish clear ownership and to tax motorists or vehicle owners. APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE http://delhigovt.nic.in/newdelhi/dept/transport/form-20.pdf

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Vehicle Transfer To New Owner

  Form of Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form20-Rto-Registration.pdf   Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle PART  I-For the use of the Transferer http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form-30.pdf Form of notice of Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form-29.pdf   http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form-27.pdf Form of application for ‘No Objection Certificate and grant of Certificate http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form-28.pdf Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Form-35.pdf APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP IN CASE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE PURCHASED OR ACQUIRED IN PUBLIC AUCTION http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/Rto-form-32.pdf Intimation of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle by Transferor http://www.mycarhelpline.com/images/easyblog_images/128/RTO-Form-TCR.pdf

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